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Whitney Stupka
English and Western Riding Lessons
Twin Bays Equestrian 
Contact: (682) 706-5888 
Hours Mon-Fri 3pm-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-8pm 

About the Instructor: 

Whitney Stupka has over 20 years of experience working with horses. Whitney grew up riding horses and attended Texas A&M University. She spent many years competing in the hunter jumper ring as well as working in the western cutting world. Now she enjoys sharing her passion for riding, by teaching others the necessary horsemanship and riding skills to achieving their goals at all levels. She aims to provide a training program that is customized for each horse and rider combination. Whitney understands that each client has specific needs, goals and abilities. She has the skill and knowledge for what a horse needs and how to teach the rider how to get the best performance from their horse. Her goal is to see her riders and their horses succeed as a team. 


Twin Bays Equestrian offers English and Western lessons to fit your schedule and budget. First-time and experienced riders are welcome. Spend your spare time enjoying the great outdoors on horseback. Twin Bays Equestrian provides an environment which fosters learning, confidence, and relationship building in a family friendly, fun environment. Through horseback riding we teach skills and discipline that can also be applied to everyday life. We offer a variety of riding styles to suite your needs and help you reach your goals. 

What to bring/rules:

Bring water jug, dress according to the weather, long or short sleeve shirts (no tank tops) jeans/long pants (to ride in)(no pocket bling), shorts (to change into for non-riding activities, optional), hair bands to keep the hair out of your face (low ponytails), sunscreen, cap/hat for additional sun protection, bug spray, closed-toe shoes/low-heel boots (no inside zippers) no tennis shoes. All students must wear a helmet in lessons. Lesson Rates: We offer English and Western lessons to fit your schedule and budget. We welcome first-time riders of all ages. We offer lessons as often as you would like -- trial/one-time, bi-weekly, weekly, every other week, monthly, etc. No deposit or contract necessary. 

90 min private lesson 45min ride 45min grooming/saddling

1 lesson pay as you go $60 

2 Lessons per month $110 

4 Lessons per month (once a week) $200 

8 Lessons per month (twice a week)$350 

Students require instructor approval to move into group lessons.