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Contact Butch at 281-732-0075
     "I personally love it out there ... the owners are great people ... the helpers are always there to help when you need a hand and I feel comfortable having our cow out there knowing she's watched and safe when I'm not there .... most friendly atmosphere there .... also they are fixin' the place up and its looking great!!!"


Have a question? Give us a call anytime at 281-732-0075

Boarding Prices (as of September 1, 2020)

Pasture only, out back  $175 Per Month
Pasture Individual  $200 Per Month 
Pasture with existing shed $250 Per Month
Pasture with new shed $350 Per Month
Partial Board (Stall only) $300 Per Month
Mare with baby (add full board) $ 75 Per Month
Full Board (includes MG feed and hay)
     *Hay is our choice, Alicia, Jigs, Coastal
$650 Per Month
Fans (per fan, per month) $ 25 Per Month
Air Conditioners per 5000 BTU's $100 Per Month
Stall bound (full or partial) Add
     *More than 3 days per month
$100 Per Month
All Stallions (partial or full) Add
$100 Per Month
Over night less than 6 months $ 30 Per Night
Watering Pastures $10 Per Day
$25 Per Week


*Watering allowed 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Sunday

*Water only on weekends these hours with permission

Special Services

Morning feeding (your feed and your hay) $ 30 Per Month
Night feeding (your feed and your hay) $ 30 Per Month
Morning turn out, weather permitting
     *Sunday's and holiday's not included
$ 60 Per Month
Night bring in, weather permitting 
     *Sunday's and holiday's not included
$ 60 Per Month
Rinsing horse when bringing in $   5 Per Time
Washing (giving the horse a bath) $ 25 Per Time
Cleaning water trough $ 50 Per Time
Cleaning water buckets per time $ 10 Per Bucket
Cleaning stalls once per day $200 Per Time
Cleaning stalls when horse is stall bound $150 Per Time